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We are one of the leading online Headhunters and not a recruitment agency. As such we do not deal with the screening of candidates, or are involved in any recruitment process.  We provide them Resumes.


Overseas Employers are able to browse our Website to find uploaded CVs – showing candidate’s contact details, previous experience & qualifications.


Our overseas employers have full access to our Databank and usually search by themselves for available candidates and find CVs of the needed Candidate.





We specialize in providing CVs of qualified and Experienced Medical Specialists and Consultants and other Para-Medical staff.


Since these candidates are readily available, Hospitals, Polyclinics and Clinics in the Middle East who have agreement with us get CVs of the pertinent candidates immediately without wasting their precious time.


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ENGINEERS and other Staff:

We maintain exhaustive database of CVS pertaining to qualified and experienced Engineers from various sphere of life.  Employers can pick up their desired candidates from us immediately to shortlist, interview and hire him for their projects.


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Our Electronics Databank has CVs of Qualified and Experienced Accountants available to relocate themselves for overseas positions.  Beside Junior Accounting staff also available.


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If any candidate is looking for an overseas job to bright his career or to change his employer to bright his future, he or she is welcomed to visit our website regularly to find latest jobs as posted on our website by our clients for immediate recruitment.


Candidates are advised to please list their ALL skills and achievements gained during experience period in their CV as this will distinguish them out from other candidate and they may have more chance of selection.  Please take time to organize your CV and when ready, please upload them at our website to be in contention.  We recommend to regularly glance all jobs posted at our website and apply.  Good Luck.




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We are Leading online Headhunters who provide Resumes of Qualified and Experienced Candidates to prospective Overseas Employers. Besides, we have about 1.0 Million CV's in our Electronic Data and can immediately provide them to our overseas Clients for their immediate requirements and hiring.


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