About Us
Mission Statement
Our mission at LaoJee is to promote country wide employment opportunities in Pakistan and ensure that deserving Job Seekers have equal opportunity to find a job in making the necessary socio-economic changes.
Long term Goals
To practically solve unsolved Human Resource problems.
To give unlimited opportunity to educated professionals in getting jobs.
To protect and improve human life.
To give ordinary youth a chance to get equal employment opportunity as rich people have.
To make Pakistan as a Developed Country in the very near future INSHAALLAH.
Our Vision is to minimize Unemployment Ratio in Pakistan and climb upward to achieve the best ever employment rate inshAllah.
Our Mission is to provide a job to every unemployed suitable and capable person and also save Employer's interest in saving recruitment time and cost by providing them immediately CVs of desired qualified and experienced from our own website innovative Human Resource Data Bank [HRB].
We undertake provision of qualified and experienced Manpower for Local Industry, Regular or Turnkey Projects and for Overseas employment. We not only offer individuals an opportunity to search for the best jobs and ensure to place them at correct or higher positions. At the same time we also provide full facility and cooperation to the Employers to immediately search and source their candidates from our own comprehensive website Human Resource Bank [HRB] as we use an automatic electronic database process to screen, source and shortlist CVs. They can also advertise for FREE over our website to hire directly.
Head-Hunting / Provisions of Resumes
Updated CVs of Executives and Senior personnel are already available at our existing HRB comprehensive databank [updated every day] which can be immediately provide to the desired Registered Employers. Registration of both Employer and Employee are FREE of charge.
Provision of Resumes to Employers: It is the aim of LaoJee 
Jobs to provide an unparalleled service for all our clients. 
We envisage not just getting to the top but staying at the top. Remember your success is our success and it is a win-win situation for both of us. 
There is an immense increasing trend for business reasons – top brass managements of the large and small companies like, to concentrate their resources and energies on their own core business activities and strategies to enhance profitability. Therefore instead of advertising and involving themselves in hiring manpower, they prefer to outsource and avail external professional's [like LaoJee Jobs] services for such non-core activities of routine HR Sourcing and prefer out-sourcing functions, processes and activities. Thus LaoJee Jobs comes into the picture and provide best outsourcing services solutions so that enterprise. Local Employers may please write to us for more details and advantage for outsourcing.
LaoJee Jobs provides a tailor made service to its clients, may it be completely Outsourcing of e Human Resourcing, filling a position on a Retainer-ship basis or Recruiting for any given number of vacancies. Our specialty however remains to search, identify and 
negotiate with those successful individuals that are looking to move / change.We have one window smooth operations. Please try our Head-hunting or out-sourcing services and you will know its benefits.LaoJee Jobs is being operated by a very professional team with hands-on experience. Our CEO has over 30 years of rich Local Industry, Gulf and South African multi-national Companies experience and shall be available to you for proper consultancy / counseling.
LaoJee Jobs specializes in providing Job opportunities to potential Job Seekers in the Health Care, Banking, and Finance, Corporate advisory, FMCG Operations and other areas. Our team consists of highly specialized consultants that not only have an in depth 
knowledge of their relative industries but also have a vast number of personal contacts in their fields. This not only keeps them up to date with the industry, but shall also keep them abreast with a 3D vision of the successful individuals and the rising stars of the future.

LaoJee Jobs - Here Employers meet Employees

LaoJee Jobs is a leading and prominent Job Boad where daily numerous Overseas and Local Jobs are posted for budding Job Seekers.
Undoubtedly, LaoJee Jobs is the only and Pioneer in placement for Consultant-Specialist Doctors & Para-Medical staff for overseas Jobs.


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