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We were born when we had felt that there is an acute need for an automatic Website where Employers instantly meet Job Seekers to start a revolution in online recruitment.

If you go fishing in the ocean and don’t catch the particular species of fish you were hoping to, would you be able to assume that there were no fish of that type in the ocean that day? Of course not. Just because YOU didn’t catch the fish you were looking for, doesn’t mean they weren’t there to be caught.


When it comes to candidate sourcing [fishing], finding passive candidates is the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of recruiting, but it is necessary to fill your positions. LaoJee jobs team takes the pain out of hiring with our passive recruiting automated system. We deliver only interested candidates that are available in your location and have agreed to your terms and conditions. It’s that Simple…Guaranteed results


Candidate identification is the most critical step in the talent acquisition / recruiting life cycle – you can’t build a relationship with, receive a referral from, network with, or hire someone you haven’t found in the first place.

From the very beginning of our recruiting career, we’ve leveraged technology for talent identification. we’ve learned that searching databases, the Internet, and social media offers intrinsic advantages over other methods of candidate sourcing, and we’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the top 10 best practices for searching for candidates.


So whether you’re searching LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other Social Media source for candidate leads on the Internet – following and integrating these search best practices into your candidate sourcing routine can dramatically increase your ability to more quickly find more of the right people.

You should always take time to analyze your search criteria to assess the possibility that your search terms may not find all qualified candidates, and in fact might actually be eliminating viable candidates. We have found that the more time we spend on the front-end Resume search, the more relevant your results become, which in turn increases your productivity by enabling us to immediately furnish you pertinent candidates more quickly. Imagine that!


The Answer;

We help you find great talent.


LaoJee Jobs is a new and better way to recruit.

We provide you with qualified and experienced professionals / executives that we have contacted and offering for each position you are looking to fill. We deliver only interested candidates that are available for your location at mutual agreed terms and condition.

We help you find great talent. 

LaoJee Jobs provides you with qualified professionals that we have contacted and vetted for each position that you are looking to fill. 

We deliver only interested candidates that are available in your location and have agreed to normal agreed Jobs terms and conditions.

LaoJee Jobs

Here Employers Meet Employees

We are Leading online Headhunters who provide Resumes of Qualified and Experienced Candidates to prospective Overseas Employers. Besides, we have about 1.0 Million CV's in our Electronic Data and can immediately provide them to our overseas Clients for their immediate requirements and hiring.


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