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This facility of providing experienced and qualified manpower by LaoJee Jobs is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to our registered overseas Employers provided they select and hire their candidates through us.  We will complete all 

Candidate’s local health, visa, certificate verification and protector of immigrant formalities over here in Pakistan for them absolutely free and Overseas Employers shall not be charged anything in this respect.  Registered overseas Employers may please email us at INQUIRY@LaoJee.com  to know more about this FREE FACILITY.

Advantages of Headhunting through LaoJee Jobs are:

  • save your staff hunting time
  • making appropriate Job Description for yourself
  • searching right candidate for the right job, 
  • cost involved in head hunting and paper work
  • enhance your efficiency levels for your own business
  • advertising costs [if required]
  • hassle in Receiving and evaluating CVs
  • Short-listing of CVs and interviewing candidates.
  • Back-ground checks. [Optional]
  • bargaining with the Employee and Contract / Agreement signing
  • Medical test and other verification. [Optional]
  • issue Appointment letters and placement - retain complete record.[optional]
  • Enhanced processing and job placement of candidates
  • high quality results delivered more efficiently
  • Centralized global access to HR data system [optional]
  • Real-time availability of reports and performance metrics [optional]
  • Substantial reduction in HR budgetary expenses and costs

LaoJee Jobs possess excellent huge database of job seekers for International placement in all major spheres of employment fields such as:


We have qualified and experienced staff members with extensive working knowledge of the international / local industries. We work in tandem with several international recruitment consultancies. LaoJee Jobs is one of the leading Consultancy proving end to end recruitment solutions. LaoJee jobs has been committed to providing overseas clients with an unrivalled level of service.


We dedicate the resources to understand our overseas client requirements who needed to recruit and source qualified and experienced candidates. We also validate every candidate and every requirement through a rigorous documentation process that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality candidates ensuring that all parties involved in the process are working towards the same conclusion. All of our staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, effective recruitment services and are able to cope with every recruitment need and we help creating employment opportunities.

We deliver the entire gamut of staffing solutions for the various industries which consists of Oil & Gas, Energy & Petroleum, Power, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), Telecom, 

Health Care, InfoTech, Banking and many more. These disciplines have been handled by us as we are specialized in each specific stream having a very strong and deep experience and expertise


LaoJee Jobs is a premier Local and international Recruitment and Manpower Consultancy Company that is committed towards bridging the gap between the Employers and the Job Seekers. We find the right and the most appropriate person for the job.


LaoJee Jobs has rich experience of very many years. LaoJee Jobs has earned a strong reputation and confidence as a manpower agency supplying skilled manpower from Pakistan to our Overseas Employers all over the world. We take pride in ourselves for rendering efficient, professional and yet personal services both to our world class clients.

We have deep expertized in making all the arrangements required in running a very successful campaign. We have been completely involved in the process of recruitment starting from sourcing the resumes to coordinating with the candidates, booking the Business Centers to arranging the Travelling tickets, till the candidate gets onboard with the company.

Brief detail about the arrangements done by LaoJee Jobs for the RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN.


• Hotel Booking for the campaign
• Travel & Accommodation for Client representatives.
• Coordinators assisting the interviewers.
• Assistance to candidates for Complete Medical Checkup (Post Offer) from authorized Centers.
• Degree Attestation, marriage Certificate Attestation including translations.
• Getting (PCC) Police Clearance Certificates attested
• Attested copies of the Finger Prints of the applicants
• Assisting in Visa Stamping and complete mobilization

• Protector of Immigrant – all formalities and complete process.

• Booking Business Center for conducting interviews.
• Advertisements
• Traveling arrangements / Expenses for Candidates coming for interview to the venue.

 We have organized innumerable recruitment drives that speak of our success and light the doorways of abounding number of satisfied employers and employees across so many cities. At LaoJee Jobs, we believe that our rich experience and thorough understanding of the industry is the inspiration behind the formation of our Consultancy.

  • LaoJee Jobs has been a very successful venture so far and hopes to grow in leaps and bounds. With an efficient team of the recruiters and consultants, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company has gained a flawless reputation in the recent times.
  • Apart from catering to clients Niche manpower requirements, we have specialized in conducting Grand Recruitment Drives (Campaigns) for our major satisfied clients for fulfilling their mass manpower needs by rendering a very professional services, thus we have been known as a "Complete Recruitment Hub".
  • Apart from sourcing the profiles, we also provide the value added services like Publishing Advertisements, Booking Business Centers, Travelling arrangements, Interview co-ordinations, Visa formalities, etc.; this helps LaoJee jobs to lessen the client's burden of complex formalities involved in the entire recruitment process.
  • LaoJee Jobs - We make a difference....Leave it on us..! 



  • Protect confidentiality of your organization and the brand.
  • Professional on-boarding and off-boarding of employees.
  • Shows care and commitment to remaining workforce. 
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to departing employees and reduces risk exposure by a terminated employee. 
  • Led by LaoJee jobs —familiar with the demands of small, fast-paced companies.


The following process will show how we Assign talented person by Industry and by Function:

Our team has very many years of combined experience in the entire nuances of Executive Recruitment and related HR services.  Expertise plays a pivotal role in this process and ind is one of the defining factors for LaoJee Jobs to distinguish itself in the task of talent acquisition.

With changing business environment, increased competitive pressures and dwindling supply of best manpower, our goal has become more challenging.

Management studies have shown that the cost of bad hire can be as high as three times the cost of an annual salary package.  Unfilled vacancies can also cause major disruption in companies‘ activities and affect all-round efficiency and productivity.  Organizations the world over are agreed that executive recruitment is undeniably the most important task in the world of business.

Our Recruitment expertise can help you to find the right candidate, save you time and money, besides scaling up productivity as successful companies are driven by the power of talented professionals.  Our Domain expertise focussed has raised our competence to a level that enables us to identify the right talent, keep in mind core skills, experience, cultural dynamics and inguistic capabilitiesm, which ensuring compliance with respective local employment laws.



LaoJee Jobs is a leader in employee screening and background checking solutions for businesses and individuals. LaoJee Jobs aims to address the problem of resume fraud while enhancing the integrity and value of credentials. Over 45% of resumes in the US and Pakistan contain false statements or misrepresentations. Bad hires cost businesses a lot of money in losses every year. Hidden cost includes training, productivity and compliance to mention a few.

For businesses, for reasonable service charges,  LaoJee Jobs helps mitigate the risk by hiring the right individuals and lowering the cost of bad hires. By selecting LaoJee Jobs to power your pre-employment, post-employment and customers and vendor screening strategy, you are protecting your organization and customers. The specific type of checks that we conduct include:

  • Document Verification, 
  • Education, 
  • Employment, 
  • Identity & Address verifications, 
  • Database, 
  • Criminal Record, 
  • Reference checks, 
  • Drug abuse testing, 
  • Vendor Due Diligence and certification . 

Our full life cycle platform allows enforcement of strong ethical compliance helping corporations control opportunistic behavior and attrition.

Kindly provide us an opportunity to render our technologically advanced Risk Mitigation

LaoJee Jobs

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We are Leading online Headhunters who provide Resumes of Qualified and Experienced Candidates to prospective Overseas Employers. Besides, we have about 1.0 Million CV's in our Electronic Data and can immediately provide them to our overseas Clients for their immediate requirements and hiring.


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