Electrician Services


Our Experienced and efficient Electrical personnel are ready to provide you with efficient and prompt Home, Office, Factory or offsite services.

They are only one call away to provide you the best and economical services.

These Services include:
New or Replacement of KE PMT - Transformer Electrician's Services - Home or Office / Factories, etc. Repair,Rewind,Overhaul
INDUSTRIAL MOTORS up to 5 MW New or Replacement of Single or 3-Phase Meter Low Voltage problem rectification Electrical over-billing / theft rectification Electrical Line defects rectification Excess Electric Billing complaint rectification
Non-Billing Complaint of new connection rectification Repetitive Electrical Tripping Complaint rectification Load Shedding without any Schedule rectification Non-Functional Electric Meter Complaint Low Voltage - Fluctuation - Phase complaint - rectification Adjustment of KE Meter Clock for Peak Hours Savings Any other Services such as CCTV, AC installation / Repairs Misc. Complaint
If you need a prompt Electrician’s Services 24/7 we are here to server you - - - - - -------- PLEASE CLICK HERE